Achieving gender equality–one sanitary pad at a time

Published by Global Envision – July 7, 2015

What if a little, two-by-four inch piece of soft, cottony material could reduce gender inequality and restore the dignity of women in underdeveloped nations?

Indian entrepreneur Arunachalam Muruganantham has discovered that even the most basic sanitary pad can allow for women to more fully participate in society.

But first, he needs to figure out how to get women to talk about their periods. Many women still believe that menstruation is a curse–a belief encouraged by a lack of awareness and social stigma.

More than 32 percent of schoolgirls in South Asia had not heard about menstruation prior to menarche, according to WASH United’s Menstrual Hygiene Day. At the same time, 48 percent of girls in Iran, 10 percent in India and 7 percent in Afghanistan believe that menstruation is a disease. MORE.


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